Inspiration Behind the Design

 "The sunset behind the helicopters stands for the hope that I felt in Baghdad that we would make it out safely, and would bring us comfort that we made it through another day when things were hardest. The flag represents those we lost as our lives stand as memorials to them. The uniform is what set us apart of having to be courageous every single day when on the battlefield. I chose courage because I feel as if that word has been stamped on my life. I had to endure horrible things in service but coming home was difficult too. Now that we are home, we have a different uniform but the courage continues as we heal.” 


About Angie:

An unreported military sexual assault in 1998 planted the seed for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to develop when Angie was deployed to Iraq in 2003. The years after her medical retirement were filled with substance abuse and suicide attempts as a result of severe PTSD. Then she connected with Wounded Warrior Project, and life started to get better. ‘‘You didn’t have to explain yourself or tell your story. Everybody just understood,’’ she says about her first WWP Alumni Summit. ‘‘I walked away thinking ‘Wow, maybe I do have something to offer.’”