Inspiration Behind the Design

“Non Hodgkin Lymphoma stage IV, PTS, MTBI and Diabetes gets you really thinking about what is next. I have always felt a strong connection to eagles, the sign for country and courage. While in the military, we would paint animals on our faces before combat missions. I always chose to paint an eagle on mine. During my recovery, I repeatedly saw an eagle in my backyard when I returned from medical treatments, and began to photograph it. I drew it out digitally on the computer, and that was the inspiration behind my design.”


About Manny:

Manny was assigned to the Special Forces as the artillery platoon leader on a 2004 deployment to Afghanistan, where he saw significant combat. Prior to his second deployment, doctors found that the bumps he thought were from being tossed around by explosions during his first tour were actually stage-4 non-Hodgkins follicular lymphoma. On top of cancer, Manny was battling post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from his exposure to combat. ‘‘The Wounded Warrior Project Combat Stress Recovery Program immediately made a positive impact in my life,” says Manny. “It really connected the dots for me with how to cope, manage, and deal with PTSD. My wife Jeannie says she sees how my connection with Wounded Warrior Project has made me whole again.’’